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Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

Changhe Outlook 2020-11-25

Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

On November 3, 

Guangzhou Changyihui, a logistics company under Guangzhou Jinfengtai,

and Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan (Meituan Bike)

signed an order of 100 Changhe Furuida K21 Vehicles.

This is

the biggest single order 

after the Seminar for BAIC Changhe Micro Truck Dealers in the middle of the year.

The “Big Order”

shows dealers’ recognition 

of BAIC Changhe “Micro Truck” strategy

and their trust in the product strength of BAIC Changhe. 

  Start with confidence, succeed due to diligence! Thanks to “Decentralization” and other moves as well as high confidence in future products, the “big family” of BAIC Changhe Micro Truck dealers has continued to grow, from dozens of dealers at the beginning of the year to over 130 dealers. Besides, the sales of micro trucks have bucked the declining trend, with a wholesale growth of 1856.5%.

  Next, please follow me to explore how major micro truck dealers bucked the trend and made breakthroughs in the “Cold Winter” by “opening the market with micro trucks”!

Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

  “Beyond the bamboo grove, several peach trees are in bloom; the river is warming, which the ducks are first to know.” As BAIC Changhe’s regular chain (direct selling store), Jiujiang Direct Selling Company was endowed with advantages. Keenly sensing the strategic development direction of “Focusing on Micro Trucks”, it took the lead in changing its marking mode, and determined the marketing strategy of “Highlighting the Focus -- Secondary Dealers, Implementing Intensive Cultivation”

  “The rapid growth in micro truck business of Jiujiang Direct Selling Company is attributable to its focus on secondary dealers!” said Li Wandong, head of Jiujiang Direct Selling Company.

  To quickly occupy Jiujiang’s micro truck market, Jiujiang Direct Selling Company has continued its intensive cultivation in the following aspects: taking the lead in promoting the shift in thinking of “Cars to Trucks” for itself and all of its secondary dealers, making timely resource adjustments by means of keeping abreast of market news and implementing pilot retail distribution, continuing to meet the new needs of the micro truck market; conducting priority distribution for key secondary dealers and dealers in the circle of micro vehicle dealers, providing a full range of “Bullets” (products) in sufficient supply; designating some persons to take charge of network development for the circle of micro vehicle dealers in blank areas, supporting new dealers in resource allocation, production training and market surveys, helping new outlets to continuously increase sales, enhancing their confidence in co-development with BAIC Changhe...

Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

  Further develop the market, and realize a substantial growth of sales.

  “At present, Jiujiang Direct Selling Company has a total of 15 secondary dealers, the rate of their contribution to the sales of micro trucks reaching 73%! The market share of BAIC Changhe Micro Truck has directly increased from 0.2% in 2019 to 14.4%!” Li Wandong was satisfied with the promotion of secondary dealers conducted by Jiujiang Direct Selling Company.

  “At present, Jiujiang’s secondary dealers are confident about our company’s micro truck market!” said Li Wandong cheerfully, “They are highly motivated to enter the network. Many dealers are willing to join BAIC Changhe!”

  With the great support of secondary dealers, since this year, the micro truck sales of Jiujiang Direct Selling Company has realized a growth of 1343%, accounting for 24% of its total sales.  

  Li Wandong said that Jiujiang Direct Selling Company would further develop the market in Jiujiang, continue to boost the sales of micro trucks, and make more contributions for the company’s reform and restructuring.

  As a dealer that entered the micro truck dealer network this March, Xingtai Zhixiang Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xingtai Zhixiang”) “performed brilliantly”. After joining the network, it ranks top 5 in terms of invoicing and terminal sales.

Behind the brilliant performance, Xingtai Zhixiang has always been adhering to the “People-Centered” aim. As its General Manager Wang Chuanyin used to say, “Let users be gratified to buy and rest assured to use.”

  Users’ satisfaction is our driving force for advance

  As a local group company, Xingtai Zhixiang has strength and is capable and willing to perform well in micro truck business. It has continued to extend its sales sites, and distributed products to outskirts and township markets, which is not only conducive to fast brand communication, but also convenient for users to buy products nearby; carried out automobile exhibitions 40 times every month, put up posters in key areas, utilized Tik Tok and other new media platforms to conduct online marketing... It has made great efforts to boost market promotion, strived to make the brand image of Changhe Micro Truck take root among thousands of households in Xingtai; increased care for regular customers, and carried out fully-covered home visits to solicit opinions and suggestions from them, and to gradually transform retained customers into loyal customers...

  As a dealer in the key areas of “Two Rivers and One Mountain + Jiangxi and Surrounding Areas”, Xingtai Zhixiang has received great support from BAIC Changhe in finance and advertising, especially the service policy of “Being on Call at All Times”, which has brought great convenience to it.

  With the joint efforts of the manufacturer and the company, Xingtai Zhixiang has continued to expand the influence of “Changhe” micro trucks in the local area, and gradually become a micro truck model for BAIC Changhe in North China and even the whole country.

  “Sell vehicles and make money together!” Wang Chuanyin was confident about their cooperation with the manufacturer.

  Founded in late 2015, Xiamen Jinfengtai Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinfengtai”) joined the big family of BAIC Changhe the following year. Under the leadership of its General Manager Cai Ziyi, Jinfengtai has continuously “Overcome Difficulties”, and become a “Bellwether” of BAIC Changhe micro truck business.

  “How can Jinfengtai quickly open up the market?” As a “Salesman” with rich practical experience, Cai Ziyi found a point of penetration, i.e. city logistics distribution. Then, he founded Xiamen Senyao City Logistics Distribution Company (Senyao Logistics), and launched the marketing campaign of “Sending Goods Worth RMB 10,000 for Any Customers Buying Changhe Micro Trucks”. Since the launch of the campaign, Jinfengtai has drawn numerous potential customers’ attention. Making hay while the sun shines, Cai Ziyi led his sales team to actively approach customers for precision marketing. Under his leadership, Jinfengtai has gradually increased its sales of micro trucks.

  As a “Meritorious Company” contributing to the fast promotion of sales, Senyao Logistics has been gradually transformed into an entity, continuously recruited drivers to undertake logistics projects, and successively undertaken lots of city distribution services concerning Meituan, Jingdong, Caoniao, and Mengniu. With continuous business expansion, Jinfengtai has gradually expanded its logistics network, with logistics business radiating to entire Fujian.

Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

  Approach customers and open up the market for precision marketing.

  In 2020, to better undertake Guangdong’s city distribution business, Guangzhou Jinfengtai emerged, and the two logistics companies -- Guangzhou Senyao and Guangzhou Changyihui were established synchronously. With continuous business expansion, Jinfengtai’s logistics network in Guangdong has gradually matured, and gradually settled in the distribution logistics companies of many cities.

With continuous business expansion, the role of logistics network has been more and more prominent. Cai Ziyi said excitedly, “The project of Sam Environmental Science & Technology Company was introduced by an individual regular customer; the project of Guangzhou Kuaima City Distribution and Meituan Bike were both introduced by the logistics network.” Cai Ziyi was satisfied with the “Brilliant Move” of establishing logistics companies.

Increase by 1856.5%! Changhe Micro Truck’s Breakthroughs in 3 Provinces and 3 Stores!

  Jinfengtai signs a procurement agreement with Guangzhou Kuaima City Distribution and Sam Environmental Science & Technology

“Logistics companies cannot earn high profits, but can obtain connections and business resources. The ultimate goal is to sell vehicles and improve the sales of micro trucks!” Cai Ziyi revealed the “Trade Trick”.

  “Seeing BAIC Changhe’s planning for and emphasis on micro truck products, I am quite confident!” Cai Ziyi said solemnly, “As long as we have product support and work in unison with the manufacturer, we can open up any markets and sell any vehicles!